The combination of virtuality and reality restores the real scenario of the products and help customers understand the products in a more direct way.

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Guangren was the first to complete the first vertical three dimensional wood grain production lines in the country, being the pioneer in the industry. The Company also introduced the chrome-free surface treatment technology from German Chemetall, and applied eco-friendly coating materials in the course of spraying...
The production process strictly complies with ISO9001 quality system. The Company always sticks to the honesty-oriented and quality-first principles and has received a lot of awards.

About us

Guangrun Metal Product Co., Ltd

Guangrun Metal Product Co., Ltd is a modern enterprise that integrates with research, development, design, processing, production and sales of medium and top grade aluminum alloy profiles. It is located in GuanyaoDalan Industrial Zone, Shishan Town, Nanhai District in the core economic circle of aluminum alloy profile manufacturing industry in Foshan...

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